Root & Rise

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Bye Bye, Caffeine!

Warning! Continued use will result in the sensitivity to caffeine! Caffeine is a "pesticide" produced by coffee to defend itself from insect predators. This defense mechanism is what is upsetting your stomach and stirring up your mind.

We are in no way anti-coffee. We understand there is a balance to be kept. For some, the balance is a coffee/caffeine free life style.

Want to switch to a roasted beverage that will help you remenice the joyful flavor of coffee?

Root & Rise

Your body will use this blend of roots and mushrooms to create the energy you need, while healing your digestive tract and giving your mind a tune up!

You are joining the un-addicted and unafflicted. This simple blend contains Burdock root in addition to Roasted Dandelion & Chicory Roots, Lion's Mane & Chaga Extracts

25-30 Servings

-Tasts surprisingly like coffee with its own unigue malted, caramel, and earthly notes.

-Brews like coffee. Drinks like coffee. Embodies Stability.

-Try adding a teaspoon to your coffee to amplify the health benefits


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