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Root & Rise Coffee

Root & Rise

Root & Rise

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Stop feeling like a victim of your coffee. A slave of crashes, anxiety, jitters, and upset stomachs in return for a jump start. Instead, elevate the way you feel by treating yourself to this next-level brew of root & mushroom coffee. Wake up to a  smooth cup of coffee blended with a blend of functional Organic roots, mushroom extracts, and Biodynamic/Organic coffee. Live life without the crash, jitter, anxiety or  upset stomachs. Feel good with improved focus, memory, digestion and sustained energy!

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33 Servings per bag                                                                                                                  $0.91/Per Serving

Ingredients: Organic Roasted Dandelion Roots, Biodynamic/Organic Coffee Beans, Organic Roasted Chicory Root, Chaga Extract, Lion's Mane Extract

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 Why not more mushrooms? Check out our blog on why you should use caution when healing with mushrooms. Hint: We are nerds for scientific research papers and traditional medicinal wisdom. The roots work to keep you grounded by detoxifying your liver, blood, and intestines. That way your body can optimally use the nutrients of copper, magnesium, manganese, zine, phosphorus, B complex vitamins and more to boost your performance: energy (ATP) production, immune system, and mental focus. Topped off with the combination of Chaga and Lion's Mane fungi you get a cup full of gut healing, immune boosting, brain building coffee.  These statements are not evaluated by the FDA (fortunately, we are for truth). They are not intended to treat, prescribe, or cure.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Samarpini Nithya
Roots & Rise

Root & Rise is a standout product! With its organic roots, mushroom extracts, and biodynamic coffee, it’s a health-forward brew that energizes me without the crash or jitters—offering a blissfully smooth, chocolatey flavor that's as satisfying as it is beneficial. As a holistic practitioner, I seek out foods that have high frequency and deliver “life” positive nutrition. Roots & Rise is that nourishing morning cup brew that’s improving my focus, memory, digestion and overall health.🙏🏽

Joan Nickeson
hasnt arrived yet

hasnt arrived yet

Ellen Grayson
Best Customer Service

Tim couldn't be more responsive or nicer...and the product is wonderful. I found 'shrooms of stability at the farmers market in Long Beach and like a lot of people trying mushroom root coffee, a little skeptical but... IT WORKS! I felt more focused and less "cranked"- plus it's regular coffee with the added roots/adapt ovens so it didn't taste different than coffee! Grab a bag today! Great purchase!!!

The best way to start your day

I’m super skeptical about new things and I’m so glad I tried this!! this coffee has this amazing taste and flavour. Just placed my second order 😃

Kimberly Hepburn

Was lucky enough to spot this at my local farmers market. I tried a taste there and loved it and bought a bag. I've since been drinking it everyday the past few days and it is absolutely delicious. I taste no difference from your regular coffee flavor except that I think it taste much better! Richer in flavor for sure! Definitely will be a repeat customer :)