Elevate Your Coffee with this Next-Level Root & Mushroom Coffee

Free yourself of the the negative side effects coffee. Never sacrifice the pleasure of the blissful taste of good coffee. Experience more focus, better digestion, and increased energy without the crash, jitters, or upset stomach with Root & Mushroom Coffee.

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Health 360 Promise

  • Soil.

    Why: A harmonious world begins with healthy soil.

    What: A healthy soil determines the nutrition recieved by plants and people. Living soil captures carbon from the atmosphere resulting in stable climates. Stable living soils prevent war by promoting food and economic security.

    How: Purchasing plants from regenerative farmers. Our vision is to advise, teach, and assist farmers in creating healthier more productive soils.

  • Plants.

    Why: A diverse rich plant ecology enables a stable livable climate.

    What: Plants are drivers of life. Crystalizing sun, air, and water, into the living carbon. Thanks, speed of light. inspiration of wind, anointing of water, and dust of gaia. Plants are the alchemical engines of life. We owe them the best ecosystems, that is the role of humanity. For only then will they owe us the same.

    How: We select plants like dandelion roots that provide dense nutrition & benefits for our coffee lovers. Adding these plants to your "coffee" diversifies the plants required to be grown by farmers. Gives opportunty to produce "coffee" inputs closer to where coffee is consumed in the greated quantities (North).

  • People

    Why: It is my devotion to Women and Children that drives my participation in the Ecoscene. Humans are the universe observing itself. Environmentalist can be too Anti-Human; focusing on critique, doom & glood narratives etc.. Lets see who has a stronger drive to act in harmony with nature. Entreprenuers or activists.

    What: Humans are the sum of their parts. Down to the smallest particle, or wave of energy. Therefore, creating a coffee of purity will aid in the creation of pure humans whom make the switch.

    How: Source coffee from farmers who provide joyful lives for their workers as opposed to paying slave wages (common practice in the coffee industry.. Enable farmers to diversify their crops with a variety of roots and be payed directly without a middle man. Source from farmers in clsoe vicinity to where the coffee is processed and consumed.

    Provide the worlds purest blend of daily tonics in the form of coffee.