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Root & Rise Coffee

Chocolate Surrender

Chocolate Surrender

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The Adult Hot Chocoalte you have been waiting for.

This is what you want to drink at the end of the day to calm down and let you stress, anxiety, and restlessness melt away. Its formulated with the stress reducing amino acid from Green Tea (L-Theanine), Ashwaghanda to release emotional stress & increase stamina, topped with the muchroom Reishi to calm the central nervous system.

This is both sugar and dairy free. All you Have to do is add it to hot water/milk, sweeten then enjoy!

20 Servings/Jar

Packaged in a Glass Jar 


Organic Raw Cacao

Organic Dandelion Root

Organic Chicroy Root


Reishi Extract


 Why not more mushrooms? Check out our blog on why you should use caution when healing with mushrooms. Hint: We are nerds for scientific research papers and traditional medicinal wisdom. The roots work to keep you grounded by detoxifying your liver, blood, and intestines. That way your body can optimally use the nutrients of copper, magnesium, manganese, zine, phosphorus, B complex vitamins and more to boost your performance: energy (ATP) production, immune system, and mental focus. Topped off with the combination of Chaga and Lion's Mane fungi you get a cup full of gut healing, immune boosting, brain building coffee.  These statements are not evaluated by the FDA (fortunately, we are for truth). They are not intended to treat, prescribe, or cure.

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