Grounding Grounds

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Calming on the Mind, Easy on the Stomach

Your first step away from caffeine anxiety and upset digestion. The recipe is simple. Dandelion Root, Chicory Root, with some of the Caffeinated Coffee Beans you depend on.

This is the bag to buy. These roots are daily medicines with essention minerals & functional beneftis our bodies need. Mushrooms are trendy. Although, mushrooms are great foods that can be consumed daily, the medicinal ones are just that. Medicinal to be used when curing illness of deficiency. Thats why we only choose 2 mushrooms in our Shrooms of Stability. They are the safest of the medicinal mushrooms when consumed daily. 

-No caffeine anxity

-No jitters

-No restlessness

-No caffeine crash

-Heals your digestion & discomfort


Brew like coffee, Drink life coffee, Feel Better.

25-30 Cups of Coffee Per Bag


Not Satisfied? Money Back Guarrantee.