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Root & Rise Coffee

Chaga Chai

Chaga Chai

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Chaga chai is the fastest way to spice up your life with functional mushrooms. Our research shows you do not need to overload with a mix of 7+ mushrooms that tastes more like mushroom soup than tea to experience the benefits of mushrooms. 

Highlights:                                                                                                             $1.15/Serving                                                                                                                       Instant                                                                                                                           Familiar masala chai flavor                                                                                                   Rich in Antioxidants                                                                                                           Anti-viral to keep your immune system strong!

Ingredients: Chaga extract, Organic roasted dandelion root, Organic masala spice blend

How to Use:                                                                                                                       Add a 3/4 tea spoon to hot water and/or milk, sweeten, and stir or froth. Then drink up!

 Why not more mushrooms? Check out our blog on why you should use caution when healing with mushrooms. Hint: We are nerds for scientific research papers and traditional medicinal wisdom. The roots work to keep you grounded by detoxifying your liver, blood, and intestines. That way your body can optimally use the nutrients of copper, magnesium, manganese, zine, phosphorus, B complex vitamins and more to boost your performance: energy (ATP) production, immune system, and mental focus. Topped off with the combination of Chaga and Lion's Mane fungi you get a cup full of gut healing, immune boosting, brain building coffee.  These statements are not evaluated by the FDA (fortunately, we are for truth). They are not intended to treat, prescribe, or cure.

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